Anti-inflammatory 綠檀抗炎

參考: reference ;google rheumatoid arthritis and lignin vitae

Significant anti-inflammatory effects were also observed with administration of 32 mg/kg lignum vitae extract. In the acute toxicity test, no signs of toxicity were observed when extract was given in doses of 300 mg/kg and 128 mg/kg. Conclusion: The aqueous extract from lignum vitae bark showed significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity with no observable toxic effects at a dose ten times that of the other extract producing these pharmacological effects. These results are consistent with anecdotal claims of swelling and pain relief with the tea from Lignum vitae bark and can provide guidelines for quantification and safety in folkloric use of this extract.


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This is what I did:

Using 50% drinkable ethanol, we saturated the alcohol with Lignum Vitae hartwood shaving instead of the bark in a sealed stainless container. The liquid was filtered and a clear liquid was obtained.

My right and left thumbs were deformed due likely from rheumatoid arthritis inflammation.
Our objective is to see if the heartwood would have any anti inflammable effect, after all, ancient people would find the shaving of the hardest wood on Earth difficult.

Wood chips were used by these folks! So I am not starting something new except that we use 竹葉青50% alcohol content liquid.

The heart wood of Lignum Vitae is exceptional, just take a look of this small finger ring I made; the distribution of end grains are almost random filled with substances.

Organic-HBO 世間檀香手鐲之家


without prejudice, Lignum Vitae genuine 正宗綠檀 as well as Argentine Lignum vitae are among our best choice.

Some consider Lignum Vitae genuine as the best, we don’t agree. They collectively are the best on Earth. We like the dynamic pattern of Argentine LV, we like the more refined nature of LV genuine.

This is lignum Vitae; so beautiful, so strong.

World’s number 1 hardwood.

Rule of nature: Amazingly we always look for symmetry, preferably perfect symmetry. Yet in nature exact symmetry does not represent necessarily beauty! No human faces, body parts are equal or perfectively symmetrical. Choose a bracelet for your loved ones, think about all that weather pattern these trees haves to gone through, all that damages and repairs caused by environments, so examine and treasure the minute characters of individual grains as birth marks, to treasures and to indentify as yours.

Life of a chemist

We spent decades for education, especially when we got our Ph.Ds, with all the hope and the desire to serve the world, quickly at least for me, we do not get due respect like medical doctors, engineers, nurses, architects etc. Chemists are talented people, we all got trained in biochemistry, analytical chemistry, calculus, physical chemistry, advanced level chemistry such as small ring chemistry and medicinal chemistry, these are serious subjects, these are life changing chemistry, but we chemist do not get rewards like others, we have to rely on ourselves to continue to create and invent to survive. Suddenly, I figured out what makes chemists; it is self driven urge to create. No wonder all chemists dream to be artists.

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