TKD menu item – Soup: Mung Bean Soup

drtsui TKD meals created by Bob

Going back to Ming dynasty, Mung beans had been treasured by famous TCM doctors as a all purpose detox agent. It is generally considered safe for daily consumption, especially for people in Hawaii in view of the amount of High caloric content of food consumed. High in potassium matched with great protein content as revealed in FDA record, I strongly recommend all households to stock it and do as I say. (

Perhaps rarely we would know that mung bean soup is not only commonly treated with great respect historically by ancient doctors, it is also highly embedded in Asian culture.

Perhaps the simplest recipe is the soup. Braise with 1.5 times the bean volume with hot water and charge the almost dried content with 10 times volume/volume hot water. All processing must be meticulously void of contact with metallic surfaces!

Here’s the beans and soup:

p.s. I like the bean soup the way it is, others flavour the soup with sucrose, i.e. sugar, TKD DOES NOT RECOMMEND IT. Perhaps orange peels, few red dates.