The Grand Wok syndrome- a TKD essential concept

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What do you see here? A huge wok? A grand wok? A symbol of professional chef? What kind of dishes one can cook with this ‘thing’? The list goes on.
To cook a Chinese dish professionally, you do need the right equipment; after spending 26 years with my family restaurant, the Peking Gourmet Inn, I can assure you that the right tool makes a difference. In memory of this section of my life, I created this cooking station.

But, ladies and gentlemen, this is just a tool, we should look at all the diets out there in the market with this “tool” concept in mind, may it be Mediterranean Diet, Cavemen diet or Ketogenic Diet, we should never say we followed this and that and it works or not work for us; they all work, as a TKD DIETER, all you need is a set of guide lines and use the tools the right way.

Suppose you are predisposed with low glucose tolerance, ending up with type II diabetes, why would you have to suffer back firing from cheap commercial food fed to you through supper markets? Why can’t you just sit down with a great multi-vegetable salad, or jumbo shrimp stir fried Chinese broccoli.