Grand wok syndrome II

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To a chemist, our body is indeed a grand wok; cooking up all sort of chemicals, making the ‘dish’ alive and delicious. Time and again, I had watched chefs present their dishes after fearfully cooked their dishes and lovingly clean the smallest droplet of juices or small piece of unwanted debris from the sides a plate; to them, this labor of love is everything, their honor their valor. To them, the dish is alive.
Yet, we often treated our own ‘cooking’ that is most important to our life and tried every possible way to quench the life juice out of ourselves! Like over working, like over drinking, drugging, or even over loving, we human harbor too much too much.
It is a key concept of TKD that excesses can kill. I assume my readers are well educated, so I will leave the rest to you.
To my friends living in Hawaii, allow me to alert you that within paradise, there are hell within our grasp, watch for too much excesses, including too much time dedicating to our own pleasures.