Balanced TKD meals are naturally delicious

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Perhaps it will never make sense to lots of ‘people’ to say the main function of a chef is to ensure nutrional value of any given dish as first priority. That is because most ‘chefs’ have their eyes on monetary affairs; so we have exciting flavoured dishes from all over the world. We never heard of nutritional ads from McDonalds and tge like. Customers on the other hand also seek out exotics and bragging rights far from ‘wholesomeness of food. Even ‘Wholefood” sell more sugary stuff and empty caloried items row after row.

As a chemist, and a thirty year experienced food handler, ( I was the manager of Peking
Gourmet Inn) from 1981-2006), I was also the Boss of two restaurants in HONG Kong when my father was absent! I am qualified to make the above statement. Restaurant people care more about income than nutritional value of their meals. I cannot blame them because it is the nature of business.

As a chemist and creator of TKD, we will be presenting you the best of both worlds; nutritional value and taste, sometimes without the exotic flavour because we value food value far more. Interestingly, quality nutritional dishes appeals to our innate desire of food, making them delicious, this is one important point commercialed food makers forgot.