Bridging the past

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There are many well made diets in the market, why would a Ph.D. chemist bother to create another one? I was born in Shandong of the People’s republic of China and I was raised there by my grandfather, a country scholar and a diabetic, so was my grandmother. So, diabetes is a major problem in our family, consequently my bother and sisters are victims of diabetes as well. My grandfather was a scholar, he was a school master when he was 18 years old. He finally died of the disease in his 80s. Given this genetic make up, I was fortunate to be a chemist of the 21st century. Otherwise, I would be like my grandfather and pass away without realizing how to dealt with thi
s horrible disease. When I was about 40 years old, my family doctor in Virginia had reminded me that diabetes runs in my family and he had advised me to watch out for the rest of my life. It never hit me with a sense of urgency. When we were young, we were invincible, time is forever and we can achieve anything we want until one day, or series of days, when I “was retired”, gradually, steadily, I was experiencing more and more physiological problems. I woke up and have decided to put a check mark on my path to my final days. First and foremost, I have to dealt with Parkinson symptoms that was diagnosed by two Western physicians from Virginia to Hong Kong. That I did and now I have little if any such symptoms left in me, I even made a youtube presentation on how I got rid of this horrible PD symptom. Next I have to dealt with is the pre-diabetic symptom; that is when I realize it is time to study the variety of diets out there in the market. Thanks to the vigorous studies made by “ketogenic” gurus, and thanks to Dr.Robert Atkins, I had literally cured my prediabetic condition. It is really nice to be a chemist; I can soak up diets and medicine much similar to kids sipping on soft drinks after heavy exercises. Lastly, at least for the time being, I need to take care of my type 2 hypertension and choked LAD, the lateral defending artery of my heart, ( likely caused by high glucose level for prolonged period of time).
I spent 30 years managing a family restaurant in Northern Virginia, the Peking Gourmet Inn, so I got plenty of time to evaluate the Chinese Culture, food, nutrition, and restaurant cooking. I had delivered lectures at the Smithsonian for 400 professional chefs and I had introduced Lycium Chinese to these folks. I had also delivered annual lectures to third graders in our local community of Bailey’ Cross Roads, so food, health, nutrition, cooking, chemistry, cancer, agriculture, MSG symptoms, cooking oil problems had been in my thoughts year after year, day after day; finally, these accumulative knowledge and thinking woke me up with sweat behind my back; we live in a world that is dangerous and unfriendly in lieu of the food we are eating. We live in a world of blind leading the blind with little respect to science and inheritance. We inherited from our ancestors knowledge of great food and medicine, yet we think we need to recreate what was working, sometimes we just follow what our ancestors had been doing solely because that was the way, sometimes we recreate medicine because we are modern and therefore we need to recreate the wheels so that are are modern.
It took me 70 years to say no to such practices. It time to review, acknowledge, and recreate what should be, and my conclusion is TKD, Taoist Ketogenic Diet. I choose to use Taoist not because of its religion, I could careless, I have chosen it because for thousands of years, some of the these high mountain hermits actually behave like scientists of today; they had created paper, explosives, toxins, and TCM, the Traditional Chinese Medicine. I choose “ketogenic” because I had experience the diet myself numerous times. When Robert Atkins was alive and well, I had followed his instructions with great success, I lost 30 pounds in a month or so. I did that solely because I want to test his theory, and it works. Since then, I had put Atkins theories on the back burner. Chemists are strange animals; it is not just me, lots of our forerunners had tested “things” out without ever really consider their own danger. We used to differentiate variety of chemicals by sniffing, from Chloroform to methylene chloride to ether all by smelling without ever considering the dangers of carcinogenicity. How many of us die from smelling too much methylene chloride?
After spending a decade in Hong Kong,close to the heart of old Chinese culture, I got a great chance to study Chinese Medicine as a chemist and not a TCM practitioner, putting all my experience together from 1970 to 2018, I created TKD with a mission to rid some diseases away from you and me. This is not a cure all, but it is a diet that will not hurt, not after thousands of years of testing.